Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coup in Honduras

This coup has been condemned by the USA, the Organization of American States, and largely by members of the European Union.

Still... a once prominent UF student leader wrote this on her status:
"is so proud of Honduras right now! :-D Yay!" Pretty scary, huh?

Who is the unnamed fmr. Student leader? Not saying.


Anonymous said...

A desperate attempt to remain 'radikal' and relevant.

Why can't you just accept hiatus gracefully and come back Fall semester when there's actual SG stuff to report on.

Christian Duque said...

Because this might be just a little more important.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you probably realized that this is Christian's blog and he writes whatever he pleases. Why don't you take some time to read some news, and maybe the Honduran constitution while you're at it?

'Radikal' is up for him to define, and relevant, well, this piece of news is quite relevant to a lot of other stories in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if anonymous 8:15 should take a hiatus from breathing for like 5 minutes... morans... :)