Thursday, March 05, 2009

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Opposition Leader's Wallet Stolen!
"I was at a concert last night, the girltalk show at the venue, and i realized about halfway through that my wallet was gone."

Sen. Dave Schneider (Progress) spoke to TheRadikal, stating that the larceny began within thirty minutes of the theft and that he raced to cancel credit cards - SMART MOVE! Schneider was an integral part of the Spring 2009 student body elections, where the longshot Progress Party defeated its larger, more solidifed indie rival nine seats to nothing.

"Progress Won't Survive Summer A."

Fmr. O&B Party President Sam Miorelli is convinced the rogue O&B faction that became the Progress Party has its days in the UF-Senate numbered. The Officialist-Indie leader (recognized by this blog as one of the Great SG leaders of the 2000-2010 decade) had this to say:

"I just don't think that putting all of your political eggs in the GSC basket with Ryan OMara and Grasshopper is a sustainable electoral strategy...

I don't think they'll survive past Summer A."

In response to Miorelli's comments, current Progress Party President Joshua Simmons lashed back, stating:
"Ignorance and volume often make for a lethal combination, and Sam has plenty of both.

Since his conception of "surviving as a Senate party" seems to be calling for dilatory roll-call votes, standing to pose irrelevant, inflammatory, and often insulting questions, and generally just being as obstructionist as possible, then yes, we probably won't "survive as a Senate party."

However, I can guarantee that the Progress caucus will do far more policy-making in this one summer than Sam Miorelli has ever done in his entire SG career.

Dictor and I aren't planning for the next election - we're going to be here for the next few months helping do what we set out to, and then we're leaving Gainesville. For the first time in a number of semesters, independents are going to focus on policy, and not on politics."

Joe Bennett Agrees To Tell-All Q&A!

The next big name to grace the Q&A Roster will be a name that was largely absent from the recent student body elections. This will be Joe's time to explain why he left SG! This is a must-read for anyone interested in the current crop of Indie leaders and for those curious as to what internal party strife means to the guys on the front lines!

Matt Martz Shares 'His Side'

O&B Activist, Matt Martz gave an exclusive on the comings-and-goings of current scandal rocking the pillars of UF student leadership. The following was provided directly from the man some insiders called 'O&B Spymaster'.

"I really dont know the name to be honest [when asked by yours truly for the identity of an unknown sorority member/speaker at tonight Senate meeting], a friend of mine was handing out I-voted-stickers outside of a KA social at Xs because we saw them walk by Salty Dog while we were drinking

Two or three frat guys start harassing her so i come up to get them to go inside the club (we were handing them out at the door) anyway after awhile of me trying to get them inside and them yelling at me that i was unethical one of the KA guys makes some comment about how much more he gets laid than me, and to look around at the girls walking in so i tell him that at least i dont have to pay to get laid (referring to frat dues)anywho, like 5 minutes later in the conversation they threaten to call the cops if we dont leave saying that they will tell them that I pushed his girlfriend and sexually harassed her and that his frat brothers would all back him up.

I told him to fuck himself and to call the cops, he didnt, and all of sudden a few days later after it became apparent that the charges against me for stealing I-Voted-Stickers werent going to hold up, an elections complaint comes up essentially they are ramping up the pressure, they tried a false police report on the election wednesday and once that fell through they are pushing this sorority girl to lie to get me in trouble with Student judicial affairs

The better part was apparently before Stephen lawson, the elections commission chair announced the results he went off topic to say that I in no way should be trusted; I dont have the exact wording because I wasnt there but yeah, twice in one meeting I was called out its just JJ and Dan Siegel ramping up their retalitory actions for me requesting then printing i voted stickers they know they are fucked as soon as i get my legal brief in order, they broke a shit ton of laws."

I have a little trouble believing all this. In fact, when a few brave FIJI M-E-N escorted Access Presidential candidate Jamal Sowell through Fraternity Row, there wasn't a nicer group than those diversity-loving KA's. I still remember, fondly, a young KA man, wearing a KA cap on no less, walking by me as I tried to hand him an Access flyer and speak with him about Sowell, stating, "I won't vote for that colored." I remember how I lovingly followed him from Turlington to the Hub bus-stop, courteously reminding him of what a lovely sentiment he'd just shared with me. So I must say, Mr. Martz you had me going, until you mentioned that glorious fraternity. I cannot believe they would make such a sordid tale. Bless those boys! Bless them.

Bracco/Wooten Feud Continues
Indie leaders from both factions need to figure out a way to get Wooten & Bracco speaking again. It will surely take a village - let's try Hawthorne - I mean what else do they have goin on anyways?

That's all folks.


Anonymous said...

This blog has jumped the shark, first an FBI agent is revealed and then some dude's wallet is stolen. What the hell is this shit, it is almost like Brittany shaving her hand and calling that news.

Anonymous said...

Wow that really sucks for Dave.

Christian Duque said...

I'm sorry, but TR keeps it real, not just for the elections. If your idea of a blog is one post every eight months, maybe you should head over to SwampFrontLawn.


Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, let's take the policy Simmons wants to implement (from

First throw out the already done and the ones that don't mean anything:
Fight Hand Scanners - Already done
Modernize Free Bike Repair - Still don't know what that means
Online Voting - When this happens Progress won't have had anything to do with it

Now of the rest, I'll put $10 on no more than one of these happening by the end of summer B.

Free Printing Anywhere on Campus
Make at least one library 24 hours
Make SG Salaries Need Based
Campaign Finance Reform
Make Voting Records Public
Make Senate Recordings Public
Reform Budget Committee Evaluations

Ken said...

Anon 1:31 is absolutely right on the policy front - Unite will not be so positive as to allow Progress any significant victory that takes from their power. And two of those remaining items (free printing, 24-hour study/library) have been on the agenda for a decade.

Next Josh will say Progress will get a ground breaking ceremony on an Asian Cultural Institute by the end of the summer.

Sorry, ain't going to happen.

As for Sam's prediction Progress is going to go away - also ain't going to happen. O&B was a distant third in the elections, with the only significant constituency where they out ran Progress being Engineering.

If Progress goes away, it has more to do with a leadership vacuum caused by the self-admitted fact that Simmons and Dictor plan to graduate and leave UF. But it won't go away and O&B resume its mantle atop the indie movement just by wishing it.

They should stop fighting among each other and spend the summer working on common ground in Senate, to help build toward a successful merger before the Fall elections.

Anonymous said...

This is a fucking tabloid.

Anonymous said...

What progress doesn't seem to comprehend about the results of this election is that it was a net loss.

Ben, Grasshopper, Tina, Melody, Fitz, Ryan O'Mara and Joe Bennet leave...

Paul Pino, Genesis Harrod, Christos Lampropoulos, and Emir Yasun come in.

Progress has a net loss of 3 and orange and Blue had a net loss of 1 (Mark) since their entire Spring 08 ticket went to progress months ago.

Hopefully you can get Grasshopper back in on R&A for Ryan's seat.

(I'm not including Jared because the loss of Johnny makes that a wash anyway)

Christian Duque said...

Good points Ken, as usual.

However, from speaking with many Officials (and again, that title speaks perfectly of hardline-Indie-Moderates wanting to keep the flag in the middle - far away from Prog & Greek-leaning fringes) that's not an option.

Anon 10:04, I think, articulates the Officialist position down to a tee. The hardliners will not relinquish their claim to the leadership of the Indie movement, even though they clearly have lost, arguably, a convincing majority of it to Progress.

McShera, a leader Prag, has been said to be in talks with Progress/Conrad - unconfirmed, however.

The Progs will not join O&B, such a move in all candor would be borderline absurd.
The name could remain, hypothetically, but the leadership would have to change. Hargrove & Trimboli would be the first to get booted from Party Exec. Ties to Miorelli would be cut. And O&B senators would like have to fall under Progs. (Painting an extreme picture here).

Sadly, however, there's no MIDDLE PICTURE. Neither side is willing to meet half way. In fact I see the factions drifting FARTHER apart.

The Bracco/Wooten feud will entertaining has also not helped things either.

Christian Duque said...

No time to proofread, con law in 2hrs

Anonymous said...

10:04 here,

sorry forgot about Amy Pitman and Sarah Henderson who had replacement seats for Engineering and Journalism. Overall its a loss of 6 pending the result of the open Grad seat if you count the two of them.

UnitedGator said...

The Orange and Blue Party are nothing but a bunch of whiners that want to keep us in senate as long as possible. With their inane driveling and refusing to acclimate $13.6 million budgets or their strict adherence to non-suspendable rules they do nothing but waste the other senators precious time. If they want to spend Tuesdays in chambers until all hours of the night, be my guest. I will be out drinking and having a good time while you are debating useless things like whether or not the public should be allowed to speak in debate.

Anonymous said...

It will take 4 years to completely remove people like Trimboli and Miorelli from the scene assuming they both are gone after this Spring. They have influence over so many names you don't even know they'll be able to keep a very close watch on what they've sown.

My prediction: The Progress Party name and the Orange & Blue Party name will not be seen on the ballot in Fall 2009. The two groups will merge sometime over the summer and broadside the greeks who will be expecting more indie infighting come Fall.

One thing Progress needs to understand is that personality worship and ego trips like Ben Dictors will never be beneficial.

Progress gained a tiny bit while at the same time undoing 2 years and $20,000 worth of work done by people that they simply just didn't like because they wouldn't say nice things about their spiritual leader but who were fighting for exactly what they were fighting for.

The sooner the Progs can admit that they're party was one not of ideas but of Ben Dictor and that cults of personality are always dangerous at all levels of politics the sooner the wounds can be healed.

Also, the Progs need to remember how easy it was to cause O&B to lose so much, how little money and little effort it took and then keep in mind that easy come easy go.................

Anonymous said...

Before the Progs let their heads swell up beyond recognition they might want to ask their very own Ryan O'Mara about the "Students Party" from Fall 2008.

What it was, why it existed.

There is a lesson about hubris that can be learned from it without actually having to have their wings melt under the sun.

notrealindies said...

Nobody has yet written about how the double meeting and elections went down…

Audrey Goldman was nominated for Senate President and gave her speech. Cavaterro asks how Goldman would have voted on the Sheldon Nagesh PO Box scandal if she voted (she was R&E chair at the time and thus didn’t vote). She says what Nagesh did was wrong and she would have voted to expel him from senate, which was sort of surprising.

Suzanne Hershman was nominated next for pro tem. Like Goldman this is approved without objection.

Then BSU tool Ju’lia Samuels was nominated for R&A at-large 1. Progs nominate Matthew M. Vernon, an unassuming grad student. O&B nominates Alden Gillespy, a Budget Cmte member and Dist D Senator. Samuels gives worst speech of night.

Then DAVE SCHNEIDER nominates PC tool MEGAN VU for R&A at-large 2. Vu has ALWAYS voted the System Party line, has done so in committees, and will continue to do so. She has never questioned the Gator/Unite parties and rarely if ever voted for change.

These people – the Progs – are WEAK, WEAK, WEAK and it’s sickening. That the claim the mantel of the indie movement is a bad joke.

Christian Duque said...

"United Gator" sounds like a studnet of Thomas, J.

Anonymous said...

united gator is by no means a member of either party. it would take a moron to not recognize that.

Justin Wooten said...

I love how anonymous cowards continue to talk trash, even after we beat the snot out of O&B. They literally received a 1/5 of the vote we did in CLAS.

Apparently some of you are so stupid you still don't realize it was the Left community all along that gave you any success. Your "Indy Movement" is garbage without us, and this election decisively proved it.

Anon-Coward 5:59 PM, one thing you need to understand is that cults of personality don't have a damn thing to do with our success. O&B had more money and probably more volunteers, and they still lost by a wide margin. We won because we are better campaigners and organizers. It's the difference between making contacts with important groups like the GAU (which O&B could never have got endorsed by) and the IOC (who overwhelmingly voted for us, because we actually care about their issues and were at many of their protests) and spending money on stupid TV commercials. We out organized this whole ridiculous "Indy Movement" that has been building for years in a matter of weeks.

Anon-Coward 8:55 PM, O&B didn't have a problem taking on Brandon White, who also has a long history of voting against everything O&B wanted to do. The fact of the matter is Meagan Vu will take a stand on issues that ultimately matter to our party, the Progress Party, such as the budget cuts. She will be a reliable political ally to us in the future, and Schneider did the right thing.

The Progress Party will not be merging into a new party with O&B, not if I have anything to say about it. The fact of the matter is O&B is a political liability that would taint the image, and if they had any sway, the mission of our party. If that means O&B campaigns again in the Fall, so be it. It won't hurt my feelings any that I will be removing some of the people who refuse to acknowledge the only reason why they won last year in the first place was because of the Left. If your performance this semester is any indication, you'll do another horrible job and be completely out of SG, while we pick up even more seats.

Christian Duque said...

Thomas, J = Clarence Thomas.

Nice post by Wooten. Would be nice to get an O&B rebuttal.

I think this upcoming term should welcome a good bit of O/P sparring, which generally will strengthen communication, and possibly common ground.

There's a lot of differences, detail-differences between the two factions, but there's also a common ground - somewhere deep down that I think is still attainable.

Sparring is the key. Indifference will only contribute to renewed isolation.

Joseph Trimboli said...

The difference in margin between O&B and Progress was the endorsement by the Alligator.

Any other explanation is nothing more than posturing.

Furthermore, the endorsement was not obtained by any other means than certain individuals running a whisper smear campaign against O&B.

I can say without hesitation that between what was said to the Alligator without proof or merit about O&B and some of its members and the trash talking I heard coming from the mouths of certain Progress campaigners on the trail that Progress ran one of the dirtier campaigns I've witnessed in 4 years at UF.

(Never fear though, the individuals responsible for both of these tactics are graduating and will be gone soon.)

Now, normally you would think spreading falsities and talking smack to random students would run your negatives up but this is SG, not real politics and the Alligator is staffed by students moonlighting as journalists who may or may not give a shit and may or may not actually be any good at what they are trying to do.

Progress + O&B = O&B Spring 2008 (36% = 36%)

Where are all these segments of the population in the numbers? Percentage point for percentage point I'm having a case of déjà vu.

I will give Progress propositions for their success in Graduate.

It has been said before in many places but the numbers don't lie. Had there been no split we would now be in control of 1/3 of the Senate making us the largest non-FBK populated party in the Senate's history.

We can all pull our dicks out and try and cum all over each others' faces all day long but the reality of the situation is that attitudes like Mr. Wooten's will lock the Indies in battle with one another and hand the whole pie to the FBK backed party again, and again, and again and they won't even have to lift a finger, it will just be served up to them.

We are all fighting for the same things.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is this: Are we in this for our own glorification or for the the advancement of our cause?

We all stand for transparency, fairness, equality, and meritocracy. So let's stop pretending we don't.

I have been fighting this fight for 4 years now and no more people know my name now than did when I was a Freshman. This has never been about me. Orange & Blue has never been "my" party. I have no means by which to enforce any decision I make or want to see made. All I can do, all anybody can do on our side, is try our damnedest to be persuasive; to try our best to make others see things the way we do.

The right choice and the easy choice are rarely the same.

The right choice is to stop pretending we aren't cut from the same cloth. We are. The right choice is to stop pretending we aren't on the same side. We are.

There are no recorded medical instances of anybody choking to death swallowing their pride.

To all indies out there, I remind you that no matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow. And make no mistake, this is the dead of Winter. We experienced, as a movement, a net loss of 12 seats in senate. Keep that in mind.

Justin Wooten said...

The belief in the power of the Alligator by the O&B cabal is hysterical. This is exactly why your “Indy Movement” has been a failure for the last four years, except when the Left got involved last Spring and Fall, and why your “Indy Movement” was a total failure this semester, and why it will always be a total failure as long as people with that kind of mindset control the “Indy Movement.”

No one ran any whisper campaign against O&B to make them lose the endorsement. Miorelli called the Alligator and tried to spread bullshit rumors about Jordan Johnson. You (the cabal) believe the Alligator endorsement is what gives you any success, yet you have no problem shitting where you eat. You're out of your minds. You believe we ran a dirty campaign, when you willfully lied about your opponents, not to mention your obvious connection to the sticker theft and the theft of the Green Means Go emails? Half of you could probably be in prison for the shit you have pulled, if Gator/Unite cared enough to press charges.

The belief that if we were united we would have taken a third of the seats is bullshit. For one, the GAU would have never endorsed O&B. They would have either endorsed no one or endorsed Matt Michel and the Unite Party, because he is a GAU member. It would only take meeting a handful of you guys before they realized you don't a shit about their issues. And no doubt the cabal would have stuffed CLAS full of crappy, uninspiring, and lazy candidates, so we would have lost that again. The only likely outcome unity would have gotten us is Engineering, and then probably only Amy Pittman. We'd be chanting “We got one!” again under the horrendously stupid leadership of the cabal.

I know why I am doing this, and it doesn't involve metaphors dealing with gay sex, Trimboli. The political vision of the O&B is limited to simply breaking the FBK/Greek strangle hold on politics. As Dave Schneider expressed in Senate Tuesday, we want to take SG into the direction of student advocacy, to fight the administration on issues that matter to all students. When it comes down to it, it is not the Greeks who are our enemies. Many of them can be persuaded to do what is right, regardless of party line. This has been proven already, though not because of anything the cabal ever did.

The idea we experienced a loss of 12 seats is bizarre. You probably arrived at that number by the same convoluted logic you used to arrive at the belief you could have ever picked up a third of the seats.

Unite! said...

hmmm. in the end it DOESNT MATTER because Unite won 100% of the CLAS and ENG seats-all Justin Wooten (the non UF student) did is cement that for us and guarantee we won more seats than we could have expected to without Progress in the race.

I would like to personally thank Justin, Ben and the entire Progress crew for making the Unite victory as sweeping as it was-by ALL means I hope that the SDS tool Wooten is correct and Progress stays in as a ticket come Fall-that only ENSURES a sweeping victory for Unite, sweeping districts A-E and every on campus housing area.

Also, TF does NOT keep it real-blogging about pie and irrelevant FBI shit has nothing to do with what actually happens in SG. Go back to studying com law at your third tier law school.

With that said I fully expect Duque to not allow this comment to be published because it *gasp* criticizes him and his precious Progress party.

Anonymous said...

I'm dissapointed by Justins comments, it's time to unite, if anything was shown by this election is that divided we fall, I'm not wasting my time in the Fall on another indie dick measuring contest, people need to realize the movement is bigger than any of us, you guys need to kiss and make up, I want to work for a united front in the Fall.

Matt Martz

haha89 said...

Why is Trimboli under the impression that O&B would have won the grad seats had there been no split? Progress won with the GAU endorsement, which they (most likely) got because Grasshopper was running.

No split = no Grasshopper running = GAU support for Matt Michel and Unite.

Joseph Trimboli said...

The Alligator endorsement has a calculable worth (ask Josh Simmons, he'll tell you).

Again you continue to run a smear campaign with absolutely NO PROOF.

You fling allegations around that people stole e-mails with NO PROOF!

You fling allegations that members of our party stole stickers with NO PROOF!

You get upset when people call you an FBI agent even though they have NO PROOF of that and yet you find it perfectly acceptable to talk shit about us with NO PROOF.

Smearing is spreading vague falsities, and if you start using names you'll be libeling and/or slandering. Even Duque knows this which is why he won't approve comments that include peoples names because while he finds your smear tactics amusing he's not about to put his neck on the line for libel over them.

As for your assessment of CLAS. I implore you to tell Ferdaouis Bagge that her friend Tiffany is "lazy". Or tell Eric Conrad that Jeanna Stern is "uninspiring".

And I have had just about enough of all this bold faced lying about how we aren't working for students, aren't fighting the right fights.

We collected almost 6000 signatures (without the help of Dictor, or "The Left"), we file PRR's, we file lawsuits, we helped get the hand scanner issue on the ballot in the Fall, when that failed we wrote up a piece of legislation to amend the 800 codes, the Gator Party killed it, so we went out and collected more signatures and put the 800 code on the ballot which passed. We don't just talk about online voting; we put our money where our mouth is. We don't just talk about hand scanners, we bust ass and make it happen.

We take meetings with the administration. We fought the alcohol regulations and WON. That was single handedly members from Orange & Blue.

You still have no appreciation for what we are up against. At all. The fact that you think putting up Megan Vu for an At-Large seat was the right thing to do shows that. People voted for Progress candidates only to have them show up to senate and as their first official act support the Unite Party? Give me a fucking break! That's a joke! I think most of them, had they known Progress would have been supporting Unite Party members for important positions would have just not voted or voted Unite in the first place.

Not to mention you just don't understand how this works. Vu wouldn't vote with us. Ever. She never has, she wouldn't start now just because we supported her candidacy. Why? She comes from AASU which is funded by SG. She breaks rank and people from the Asian fraternities/sororities stop getting slated and suddenly AASU's budget is a little less than it used to be. You try having all that weigh on your shoulders and see how well you'll be able to break rank. (Hint: You won't)

Where are you getting this idea that the Unite Party doesn't intend to attempt to steam roll both Progress and Orange & Blue every chance they get?

I beg of you, go to the R&A meeting on Sunday (3/15) and watch what happens. Go and see what it is that members of Orange & Blue have been having to fight and deal with for so long now. It should be eye opening. I'm hoping its eye opening for Dave as well because I don't believe he's ever had to sit through a full one yet.

francisco said...

I am not even going to address the FBI issue, I think I covered that thoroughly.

GMG e-mails, I believe has been covered thoroughly as well and I can tell you exactly the two indivduals who started the rumor(s) that someone of the non-Gator/Unite person was responsible for aquiring the e-mails (one is a former Boss Twead and the other is in the Indie/Left movement).

Umm yeah, dude Justin, proof on stickers??? The police has stated there is video footage from SW Rec. I imagine if you PPR the video footage you can see why the police told Siegel and Krivisky that they couldn't take Matt in for questioning. My bet (an ongoing bet with Krivisky) is the footage shows that it isn't Matt, and (as such) they decided to drop the case because it would prove someone from the Gator/Unite/Greek Community stole the stickers (just like I am 90% certain that a member of the 2nd Ave are Greek community stole the stickers from Norman during the fall). I have a 20 dollar bet with Krvisky that if you take the license plate from the photo and video footage that you would find the car out on Frat Row.

As far as an Alligator endorsement, uh duh, of course it matters! The general math usually puts the Alligator endorsement at 600-800 votes, even Simmons could tell you that. The other two reasons why Progress did so well: a well organized campaign with more volunteers than O&B and the simple fact that they were a new name that has yet to prove they cannot deliever on campaign promises just like EVERY other political party.

Now, I say everyone should unite behind the Keg Party for the Fall and help send a message to the UF Administration and the City Commission!

Anonymous said...

The Progress Party: Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

Anonymous said...

Where did the Gary is addicted to salt post go?

Justin Wooten said...

No one said the Alligator endorsement wasn't worth anything. It is, but it clearly isn't what wins elections. Just ask Unite/Gator. The problem is the mentality of the cabal is that other forces external to the party will guarantee your success. Alligator endorsements, TV commercials, passing out “I Voted” stickers, disqualifying candidates, etc, is your mentality for how to win an election. Not hard work and basic organizing. Miorelli even told Schneider last semester that his seat was unwinnable, and his best chance was to DQ the other candidate. He threw away that garbage advice and won the old fashioned way. This is why you're failures and we're not.

And the constant lying is ridiculous, Trimboli. You know as well as I do that KH stole the emails from MGB. I've heard personally Alden admit to this over a phone conversation with Dictor. That you continue to lie about this just shows why unity is foolish. I'm also not scared of any god damn lawsuits, so your pathetic threats don't phase me.

I never said anyone in O&B stole the stickers. I don't know all the details floating around (though I know who does), but it is obvious to me O&B was involved in some fashion. It was hysterical watching O&B run over to Martz as he was being questioned by the police in Turlington.

As far as your CLAS slate, I was referring to all of the old O&B people that slated themselves in CLAS. Tiffany and Jeanna Stern probably got you 90% of your total CLAS votes.

The handscanner bill is an interesting example of how you “work” for the students. I was there that night, and I watched the conversation that went down during recess. The cabal refused to amend the bill, so Gator would kill it and they could make it a campaign issue in the Spring. Don't bother denying it, because I heard it with my own ears.

And I'd sooner support Meagan Vu for a seat than any single O&B person. At least she isn't a bold-faced liar.

Anonymous said...

The reason O&B lost is summed up right in Trimboli's comment. They file stuff. Congratulations. That's all they do. Students don't care about public record requests and your pointless code revisions. Progress struck a chord with students because they talked about issues. The likes of Miorelli and Ossip should go back to high school model UN and debate club. They are doing nothing good for the students currently and won't win a seat (again) next semester.

old gator

Anonymous said...

Wooten is a complete idiot, it is no wonder why his friends call him an FBI agent and make fun of him behind his back.

francisco said...

Yes Justin, because surely the video tape lies that shows who it actually is and that it isn't Matt or anyone that either of us know. Like I said, I bet if you were to PRR the video you could find the car exactly where I said you could.

Justin Wooten said...

Frank, there is a difference between someone from O&B physically stealing the stickers and O&B being involved in it somehow. The first one probably isn't likely, because, frankly, I don't think any of you have the balls to do it. The second seems painfully obvious to me. I just hope if the cops keep looking into it, all of you have your stories straight and you're not afraid to stick to them when the cops put the pressure on. That applies to you as well, Frank.

Anonymous said...

I was enthralled to hear that O and B did not win a single seat. As a current senator, I dread the inevitable tuesday night blabbering from Miorelli and company. Contrarily, I almost look forward to a Dictor/O'Mara speech.

The smear ads are a perfect example of why the Orange and Blue party received less votes than Progress.

The spot that implied Jordan Johnson felt himself above state law? WHO THE FUCK CARES? I can't think of a significant group of students at this University that would be appalled at something as vague and seemingly pointless as the revealing of that clip.

Socially inept children VS. Hardworking progressives....wonder why the latter came out on top?

If you think that the average student gives a damn about a 700 code, a rule of order, or a sunshine are either out of touch, a member of the Orange and Blue party, or possibly both.

The Orange and Blue party wants to take down the FBK backed system...end patronage....right? Then why were they trying to get backed by student organizations and GREEK HOUSES?! They are the little guy pretending to want to take down the big guy....but doing things to be more like the big guy?

Oh, and Alan Yanuck is obnoxious. Thanks ya'll!

-Anon senator

Graham Clark said...

Justin, your and Dictor's selective memories are truly amazing. I was at the Senate meeting where the hand scanner bill was voted down too, and I saw Cavataro propose exactly the clarifying amendment you people have been telling everyone we refused to consider. Guess what? The Gator Party (including Meagan Vu, I'm pretty sure) voted it down. I've personally seen Dictor tell that same lie to a potential candidate during slating. Just another example of the Progress leadership's deceitful anti-O&B smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

I guess O&B has learned their lesson about being abnoxious pricks. What goes around comes around. Surprise!

Joseph Trimboli said...

Just as a point of information, Vu accidentally voted with O&B on the hand scanner bill in the Fall. After she realized what she had done she just about shit a brick and was having a minor panic attack in the back of the room because she hadn't done as she'd been told. It was both amusing and pathetic all at once.

Christian Duque said...

I want to make a few points.

First...will some of you please go over to SwampFrontLawn and leave some comments? The poor blogger comes back after half-a-year+ and has a post up for five days with a lousey 14 comments. I want to see more SG blogs around, so while TR clearly is the gold standard, hit up those bronze blogs once in a while too.

Second. I want to take this opportunity to assure GDI alums that Progress & O&B are in fact in dialogue - though it's arguable at what level. I believe the parties will unite by the end of Summer C.

Third. I believe that before there can be any unity, the LIEUTENANTS and NCO's need to settle old scores first. I have no doubt the strongmen and their generals will find common ground and I have no doubt the campaign support columns (the grunts) will also not have a major issue falling in line, but MID-LEVEL management is where the UNION I believe should come about will have endure its greatest challenge.

Graham Clark & Matt Martz cannot be marginalized, just like Justin Wooten cannot be scratched out after all the hard work he put in the front-lines. Trying to keep Gary Benedix - or anyone for that matter - silent is also not the way to a LASTING, TRUE union.

Whereas I'm accused of deepening the divide, I believe I'm providing a forum, a fight club if you will, where Lieutenants and NCO's can bury the hatchet ON THEIR OWN TERMS.

Don't ever overlook these key officers, not on the campaign trail and especially not in face of major decision-making.

Third. I think both factions should consider themselves lucky to have Jordan Johnson as the incoming SBP. Both factions, within reason, could still work in tri-partisan capacities to get Indie objectives onto the Senate floor.

Fourth. The dialogue between Wooten/Trimboli & Wooten/Bracco seems to me, will result in a positive outcome sooner or later. It's only through DIRECT dialogue that compromise will be reached.

The GENERALS CANNOT IMPOSE UNITY on the Lt's/NCO's hereinafter dubbed "the Officer Corps" of either O&B or Progress. These are not the people you can just force into line.

Justin Wooten said...

Graham Clark, if you would have bothered stepping outside during the recess to witness what I did, you what have seen Dictor and Cavataro screaming at each other about amending the bill, with Cavataro saying to just let it die. It was at this time that a potential deal could have been struck with Gator on the wording, before the end of the recess. Not while on stage, and everyone knew this.

francisco said...

Uh, Justin, yeah the police brought out two detectives to work on the case and my understanding is they were told SG was not going to pursue charges (and therefore drop the case) after it was found it wasn't Matt or any other non-Gator/Unite individuals. (Perhaps someone could clarify on this issue). Too bad for that photo of the license plate that Krivisky says exists. I imagine that if SG pursued charges you would find the individual's car exactly where I said you would on Frat Row, which is exactly why the case is no longer being pursued (based on my understanding) is too bad really.

francisco said...

Oh, and as for, Justin's thoughts on: "The first one probably isn't likely, because, frankly, I don't think any of you have the balls to do it". Yeah, I generally don't think most people want to put their 'balls' on the line and break the law for SG, especially since most of us have actual futures after UF...but if you want to, then by all means :rolls eyes:.

Anonymous said...

Attention Progs,

Your repetition of the word cabal leads me to question the size of your vocabularies. Here are some synonyms, courtesy of

1. junta, faction, band, league, ring.

Being the good Latin American freedom fighters you are, we would especially appreciate it if you used "junta" in the future. Politburo is acceptable also.

not jon ossip said...

anon. 8:26,

in terms of not doing shit for students, I distinctly remember PASSING the Biometric Data Initiative after myself and several others gathered 1300 signatures. now recsports literally cannot make handscans mandatory, which is exactly what the students wanted.

I was never in model un, i was never in debate. I do what i do because it's right, and if you think you are holier than all else because you talk about issues (as opposed to DOING THEM like we did with handscanners), then stop being such a pussy and post with your real name.