Monday, March 10, 2008

Bush Vetoes Torture Bill

It's funny how this despicable president of ours can call on democratically-elected leaders (e.g. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez) to resign, yet he blocks his own nation's legislature in moves such as those respecting the Geneva Convention and basic human rights. George W. Bush is as much a war criminal as Saddam Hussein, but when you're the leader of the strongest Western Power in the at least go about your life with the luxury of knowing...that you'll never have to be held answerable to your war crimes -- that aspect of "justice" is reserved for the leaders of Weak [nations], not the West [ones].

We should also recognize that we're not talking about a little petition by Michael Moore or a protest led by Cindy Sheehan...we're talking about a resolution that's made it across the United States Congress and was shot down by a fascist, war criminal. President Bush should spend the rest of his life playing tick-tack-toe on the walls of a prison cell in The Hague.

Comrade Chavez is 100% on the money...."President Bush is the devil."

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